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Pastors' Safety Network

Our network of licensed counselors help care for our pastors and families.

Pastors’ Safety Network Purpose: To help provide Christian psychological support, which is completely confidential, to the ministers on our district and to their spouses and children.

Method: When you or your immediate family has a need for Christian counseling call any one of our participating counselors and mention that you are calling as a member of the East Ohio Nazarene Pastors’ Safety Network. They are committed to scheduling an appointment for you as quickly as possible.

Cost: If you do not have insurance for such counseling, or if you are covered but do not wish to make an insurance claim, the invoice for your counseling will be sent directly to the district office by the counselor. Your name, or any information concerning you, will not be associated with the invoice in any way.  No more than six to eight sessions will be covered depending on the set price of each session.

Confidentiality: This is of extreme priority. Network counselors are very aware that they are not to report your identity or issues to the district superintendent, or his staff, or to any other denominational or district personnel. Though there are rare, extreme cases when reporting to state authorities is legally mandatory (i.e. threat of child abuse), even in those cases the district office is not to be notified by the counselor.

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