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NMI Mission Statement

To mirror the character and purpose of God in proclaiming His gospel to all the peoples of the world—through prayer, education, involvement, and giving by the total church. The Four objectives of NMI are:

  • To encourage people to pray for all efforts of world evangelization;

  • To inform people of the world's needs and what the church is doing to meet those needs;

  • To challenge children and youth to keep their lives available to God's will; and,

  • To raise funds for mission outreach. 

CCK (Crisis Care Kits)  These Instructions and Inventory are designed for the US only. 
Include only those items listed on the inventory. Deviating from this list can cause an entire shipment to be rejected in customs. 
Shipping addresses are included in the instructions.  Do not ship boxes to any other locations. 

The documents below are the most current.  Any older instructions or inventory lists should be discarded.  Please read the instructions and inventory carefully before shipping CCKs.

Click here for :  CCK Preparation and Instructions  


The Crisis Care Kit Shopping List document (below) should assist churches in distributing the list of needed items in preparation for filling a Crisis Care Kit (CCK) bag. Make copies equal to the number of CCKs you wish to fill, cut them apart, insert each of them into a Ziploc bag, then ask church members to fill the bag with the items on the shopping list, returning the bags by a given date.


Click here for:  CCK Shopping list

General Church NMI:

NMI Facebook:

NCM Disaster Relief:


Mr. Mark Miller,, 330-771-3106

DISTRICT NMI Vice President

Mrs. Carolyn Brown,,   


District NMI Treasurer

Mrs. Ruth Radcliff,, 330-412-3925

DISTRICT NMI Council Members


Hilda Myers,, 330-821-9407

Compassion Ministries     

Susan Goss,, 330-807-0270

Convention Facilitator/District Projects 

John Coy,, 330-853-4163               


John Williams,, 330-966-2439

Disaster Relief


Mission Call/Mission Priority     

Shelly Quinn,, 330-699-6020        One Mission Education     


Missionary Care/LINKS    


Prayer & Fasting/ Jesus Film    

Gay Lee,, 330-880-0257

Work & Witness    

Harley Weidlich,, 330-608-6570, Fax-330-848-2855

World Mission Broadcast & Global Nazarene Publications    Sandra Swift,, 304-387-1949 


DISTRICT NMI Zone Coordinators

Akron East: Shelly Quinn,,      


Akron West: Vacant

Barnesville: Vacant

Canton: Ron Gay,, 330-499-1209

East Liverpool: Vacant

New Philadelphia: Carolyn Brown,, 740-254-4462

Salem: Hilda Myers,, 330-821-9407

Warren: Ginger Jewell,, 


Youngstown: Sue Ruby,,    


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