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About Our District

The East Ohio District Church of the Nazarene is comprised of 70 churches in East Ohio. We have a variety of contexts and cultures across our district.

Our Beginnings

At the 35th District Assembly of the Pittsburgh District, held in the Akron Armory (Akron, Ohio) during the first day of business, Wednesday morning, May 6, 1942, the motion was adopted “that the district churches now located in the State of Ohio, be organized into a new district, and that it be called the Akron District. Signed Chas. C. Hanks, Secretary Advisory Board, and O.L. Benedum, District Superintendent.” At the 60th District Assembly of the Akron District, held at Canton, Ohio, during the second day of business, Thursday morning, May 30, 2002, “by unanimous recommendation of the District Advisory Board [and] by a unanimous standing vote, East Ohio District Church of the Nazarene was adopted as the new district name.”

Our Region

The East Ohio district extends from Akron and surrounding communities south along Interstate 77 to Marietta, east along interstate 76 to the Pennsylvania border including the Youngstown area, and all the communities in between those cities and the Ohio River. A variety of cultures make up our district, from rust belt, to urban core, to rugged country, to farming towns. 
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