Access a number of resources that will help guide your local church in policy.

Local Church Resources

Church of the Nazarene Manual for the years 2017-2021
Nazarene Christian Community Policy
Staying Legal
Registered Sex Offender Accountability Covenant
Church Record Retention Recommendations
Church Name Change Information
Wedding & Building Contract Policy 

We encourage all our local churches to employ their own NazSafe polices to ensure children's safety.

Ministry Safe Policy Manual

NazSafe Reminders:

Did you know...

  • Your church needs to review your NazSafe policy every two years
    (at a minimum) - every year is ideal. 

  • Background checks must be repeated. The frequency of repetition is up to each church. Some churches elect to have them done annually, some elect to do them every two years with the training, and some elect to follow the state standard which is one year, then two years, then four years, and then six years. The choice is up to your church. However, "one and done" isn't an option.

  • When transferring to another church (even if the church is on the East Ohio District), your NazSafe does not transfer with you. It must be started again.

  • You may access application and other forms by going to

  • The fee for training is $5, and the fee for background checks is $11 (if done through the district). Checks for these fees may be made payable to East Ohio SDMI and mailed to:

              Nancy Gamble
              14 James Street, 
              Columbiana, OH 44408.  

  • Payment must be received before training links may be sent or background checks done. 

Please feel free to contact Nancy Gamble at 330-503-1670 (call or text) or with any questions. Please be sure to leave a message if you call and there is no answer.


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