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==========CHILDREN'S QUIZZING FOR 2017==========

Hello Quiz Coaches and Parents!

   I hope that everyone has had a great summer and that you are ready to start your quiz season for Matthew!  If you haven't gotten all of your quizzing materials yet then you should do that ASAP. 

Most of our materials can be purchased through the Nazarene Publishing House at They have the Leader's Guide, Student Book, Posters, online games and more. 

   Also, I want to make sure that everyone is aware that there are wonderful materials available at  DaVonne Lee puts all the memory verses to song and even to motions if you want the DVD.  She also has an audio version of Matthew that reads only the Dig Sites, not the books in their entirety. These materials would be beneficial for the whole quiz team but especially for young quizzers.

    As a reminder, the awards will be the same as last year as follows.  For the INVITATIONALS, children will be given placement ribbons, For the AREA QUIZ, children will be given placement ribbons, Ribbons will be given for Perfect Round and Perfect Day, and Certificates for Team Churches and a ribbon for each member of the team. For the MEMORY BEE, those who participate will receive a ribbon, those who complete all three rounds will receive a trophy.  For the DISTRICT QUIZ all participants will receive a trophy and a placement ribbon, Medals will be given for Perfect Round and Perfect Day and a trophy will be given for a Perfect Year.

    Our October and January invitationals will be combined with our NYI quizzers. All quizzes start at 10:00 a.m. For Invitational Quizzes, each church chooses how they want to run the schedule for the day, so some churches provide food and some don’t.  However, at the Area and the District Quiz, we do make sure that lunch is provided at the church for purchase.  We try to keep everyone on site at the church so that we can keep the schedule running smoothly.

    Even though the Invitationals are not required, they are still GREATLY beneficial to the kids.  Its motivating and exciting for the kids to go to an Invitational just like it is to the Area or District Quizzes.  And it helps to work out some of the nervousness and jitters at an Invitational before they go to the Area, they feel experienced in the book they are studying.  So, if you or your quizzers have never been to an Invitational Quiz before, please try it and find out for yourself what the benefits are.

     And just like in years past, every adult who is participating in quizzing must be NazSafe.  This includes coaches, score keepers, judges, quiz masters, etc.

2017/2018 Quiz Schedule 

  • Invitational Quiz - October 14 – New Philadelphia – Dig Sites – 1-5
  • Invitational Quiz – November 4 – Ravenna – Dig Sites 1-10
  • Invitational Quiz – January 13 -  TBD – Dig Sites 1-15
  • Area Quiz – February 17 – Arlington Naz – Dig Sites 1-20
  • District Quiz – March 24 – Hubbard Naz – Dig Sites 1-20

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me!

Becky Bittinger


==================== LAY BREAKAWAY ====================

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Fishcreek Nazarene Worship Center
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